Rachel and Laurie 

 Kathie is no longer with us, all packages kathies clients purchased are still property of RLMT not Kathie . so you need to redeem them at RLMT, no refunds are given just as policy states.



We now offer Reiki Sessions  




Vouchers redeemed or expired!? no problem! if you saw that your voucher was redeemed and you havent used it yet, the reason for this is that we tried to get all expired vouchers redeemed before they were expired. This way you dont get hit with any other fee's to recieve your massage with an expired voucher. if its expired and not redeemed then you may get a fee. 

The best idea is to redeem your voucher on your own and make an appointment before expiration. 

Any questions please feel free to email or call! thanks so much.
















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