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Calls and Texts - If anyone has been trying to call or text 508 667 5741 that number is no longer mine,  my new number is 774 578 5391
 Please, Just a little patience and understanding would be so appreciated.
Kathie, and Clients that saw Kathie- Im sorry to inform you all if you haven't been informed yet that she No longer works for me.  So all clients that have packages are still clients of RLMT, not the therapist that works at RLMT. As of now for Packages you must now book with me, Rachel.  Packages , as in my  policy , they are non refundable I will be seeing you from now on at least until package is done. If you would like to stay with me thats wonderful if not i totally understand. To those of you whom i haven't worked on yet, I look forward to working with you! Thanks for your patience and understanding with this matter. 
Booking and Reply / Accepting appointment times - Please allow me a little extra time now since Kathie is gone, i'm now the Only therapist doing the massages for now, and my workload has doubled.  Please understand, required as of now some people may need to be moved or cancelled. I can only do 4/5 massages per day without injury. I want to keep giving you all my best so I need to keep it that way. I will extend some of the expiration dates on vouchers due to this change/ Delay,  so no worries about that part. I will get you all in asap. Just need a little more time for returning phone calls and booking appointments. 

About the following Reviews and Complaints. Most people only post the positive but im letting the negative out. So you all know im serious about making things better i am going to let your negative reviews and issues be heard as you should. The cause of these is no longer an issue so we should neer hear anything like these again. - Thank you  

 I would like to Thank You ahead of time for your patience while i get everything sorted out with the new changes due to an Unexpected bump in the road. Fixing it all now will take a bit of time. I know I will get you all back in and on track, making progress toward your own personal goals of better health, relaxation and well being.
Thanks Everyone for you loyalty and patronage over the past 5 years. I look forward to many more. 
As it always has been - " My goal is to provide each client with the correct therapy for relaxation, comfort and care. Client satisfaction is most important. All services are carried out using complete discretion, compassion and ethical standards" - Have a very Happy and Healthy day !
Rachel Leggett LMT 







We now offer Reiki Sessions 
With Laurie




Vouchers redeemed or expired!? no problem! if you saw that your voucher was redeemed and you haven't used it yet, the reason for this is that we tried to get all expired vouchers redeemed before they were expired. This way you dont get hit with any other fee's to receive your massage with an expired voucher. if its expired and not redeemed then you may get a fee. 

The best idea is to redeem your voucher on your own and make an appointment before expiration. 

Any questions please feel free to email or call! thanks so much.













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